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Name: Joneka Smith

Position: Director of Student Member Services

NABA Member since: 2003

College: Saint Augustine's College
Graduated: 2005

College: NC Central University
Graduated: 2007

Why I joined NABA and am still a member:

I joined NABA as a professional accounting student.  NABA presented itself as a great organization for aiding minorities with career opportunities and professional networking connections.  As a student, attending a  small liberal arts college, opportunities for Accounting students to join accounting firms post graduation were very few.  Joining NABA, allowed me a chance to expand  my professional network and compete for job opportunities at the NABA student conferences.  As a graduate student, I received my 1st job with one of the "Big 4" firms via NABA programs, and I am grateful for the opportunity presented and my career journey.  I have received recognition via my employer and community for my contributions to the profession and community.  The NABA motto "Lifting As We Climb" has been my focus as the SMS Director, leading a generation of students who will become successful accounting professional.  Honestly, without NABA I'm unsure if my career would have progressed.

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