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Name: Shamber Gentry

Position: President

NABA Member since: 2009

College: Shaw University

Why I joined NABA and am still a member: I graduated from an HBCU that had a faint presence of NABA. However, while researching a financial topic for a class paper, I read an article written by one of the founding members of NABA RTP, Genevia Fulbright, CPA, that encouraged me to network with other professionals by joining NABA. 

I was once a shy individual but feel that my roles within the organization have helped shape me into a better person, personally and professionally.  My exposure to other African American professionals from around the country has afforded the ability to grow in my career and build my confidence to complete the CPA exam.

I enjoy working with students and would like to be a tool to help others grow in the same manner as those before me.

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